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As promised, today’s blog covers one of my favorite options in our window treatment line – motorization.

Most people’s first thoughts run along the lines of “yeah, it’s convenient, but is it really worth it?” I’m more than happy to say…Absolutely!!! While I appreciate the ability to deal with TV glare from the comfort of my own couch, just like you guys, I also look for products to pay off in more than one way.



One of the best qualities of motorization is that it makes every single window in a house functional:

Impressive garden windows, skylights and high transoms are great – until they raise your utility bills or let in blinding glare. Install a motorized option on that hard-to-reach treatment and voila! Problem solved! Keep your view, keep your light, keep your comfort (and money). Win-win-win.

Forgot to close your drapes on the way out of the house? No worries – remote, sun-sensored, wireless and programmable controls help you maintain privacy and security even after you’ve left.

Have small children or pets (maybe both) running around? All motorized treatments are cordless, meaning one less safety issue to worry over.

And last, but by no means least, repeated testing shows that steady, consistent motorized functions – as opposed to our typical yanking and dragging – mean less wear and tear on treatments and mechanical parts, leading to longer useful life and extended value.


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Motorization options are available on every window treatment we offer. Use them to:
• Raise, lower, adjust and tilt shades and blinds
• Control the slat angle on shutters
• Open and close drapes, and
• Handle individual or multiple windows/doors at the push of one button

All of these functions can be set up to integrate with your existing home’s automation system or even hardwired in on a new construction.

Using motorization thoughtfully around your home – even if it’s only on one or two “problem” areas – has the potential for making life more comfortable, cost efficient, private and safe. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail or comment if you have any questions.

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