Best decision I Could have Made


Submitted by: Stacy S.

I decided to call Rhonda after reading all positive reviews on the Neighborhood app (Local app for your specific neighborhood). Best decision I could have made when it came to making this purchase.

When Rhonda first came to our home, I was PAST ready to remove the current heavy wooden existing blinds, but I needed a “ballpark” cost due to the fact that I need to do several windows at once.

Rhonda measured all of my windows that I wanted done first AND the ones I wanted to do at a later date. She gave me an estimated cost and when I was ready, I called her. As she already had my measurements, we just needed to choose what type of shades we wanted. Roller Shades / Roman Shades / Solar Shades; Light-filtering / Room Darkening, etc.

Once we chose what type we wanted, trying to decide on a pattern (which was not easy as there was so many to choose from) she offered her opinion. This is something I really appreciated. Too often I get the standard “Well, it’s your house reply” when doing renovations, etc. While I realize that, I also love having the professionals opinion, when asked.

Product and installation was done within the promised time. I was out of town when shades were installed. Rhonda sent me the photo’s that I attached to this review and complimented our choice. 🙂 Happiness was walking through my front door to this beautiful sight after looking at those boring/drab blinds for way too long!

Whenever possible, I always try to shop local and people like Rhonda and her wonderful business are the reasons why. I highly recommend her for your home or office.