Made in the Shade Northshore’s Customers Rock!

Supporting Our Local Community Together   At the start of 2019 we invited you to join Made in the Shade Northshore in support of our local community here in St. Tammany Parish and so many of you did!  Thanks to you we had a great 2nd Quarter and were able to donate $5 for every […]

Budgeting Your Window Treatments

Nothing says spring like pollen, new leaves and the hope of a tax refund. Of course there are any number of ways to enjoy the US Treasury’s many happy returns (beach vacation, anyone?) but if you’re considering home improvement options, window treatments are a great investment in privacy, energy efficiency, comfort and décor. Some treatments […]

Mardi Gras – Northshore Style!

One of the main draws of living on the Northshore is a family-friendly lifestyle and our Mardi Gras celebrations here are no exception. This weekend kicks off a long-anticipated round of parades and party fun from Slidell to Madisonville and all points in between. We take pride in showcasing our homegrown talent of local high […]

Motorized Mojo

As promised, today’s blog covers one of my favorite options in our window treatment line – motorization. Most people’s first thoughts run along the lines of “yeah, it’s convenient, but is it really worth it?” I’m more than happy to say…Absolutely!!! While I appreciate the ability to deal with TV glare from the comfort of […]


Window Treatments for Every Situation During these grey days of winter, I live for every scrap of blue sky and sunshine that comes along. In the South, we don’t just enjoy an abundance of light, we have a RELATIONSHIP with it. Our feelings may run a wide gamut from love (waterside afternoons, sunset glows) to […]

Color Choice Made Simple! GIVEAWAY INSIDE

Without a doubt, color has Power. It evokes emotions, sets a mood, influences what we choose to buy, wear and eat. But when facing down that endless wave of swatches in your local Big Box store, it mostly just inspires…panic. Frustration. The urge to cover all your walls in a soothing shade of “Wine.” Take […]